Student Testimonials

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Below testimonials were emailed to us by our wonderful students

Weston Learning Centre has helped me achieve a higher learning experience both in and out of school. The exceptional teachers and well explained lessons have helped me greatly in preparing not only for today, but also for tomorrow. The encouragement to do better each and every year has helped me excel in high school to a level that I previously thought was unachievable. The one-on-one teaching method allows me to grasp all of the fundamentals and concepts of the math and science courses and allows me to focus with a clear head. Weston Learning Centre is an excellent experience for the student who wants to be on the right path to success.

Geremia, Grade 12

As a mathematics student, I am very pleased with the amount of extra help I get from the teachers at WLC. I receive one-on-one attention and always get my questions answered exceptionally. Now I am at the top of my class and confident with all the skills WLC has taught me.

Lana, Grade 12

Lina is an absolutely incredible instructor. She motivates, reassures and boosts confidence of students. Moreover the success that is evident even after the first lesson is quite inspiring.

Lior, Grade 11

At Weston Learning Centre the teachers are dedicated in helping me reach my full potential. The teachers work one-on-one with each student and strive to assist me in any way they can.

Denis, Grade 10

Without the help of the experts at Weston Learning Centre the possibility of getting accepted to a good university would be slim. They really prepare you for whatever obstacles you may face and create a solid foundation for future endeavours.

Cesare, Grade 12

I have always found Weston Learning Centre to be a positive youth-friendly experience when searching for a tutor for myself. The facility operates very well and makes it easy to get hold of a tutor that is perfect for the specific subject where extra help is needed. The tutors are typically very responsive, which is best when grasping concepts easily. They highly encourage follow-up sessions before important assessments to better prepare for the mark which is desired.

Antonio, Grade 12

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