Weston Learning Centre has helped me achieve a higher learning experience both in and out of school...

Geremia, Grade 12

I am very pleased with the amount of extra help I get from the teachers at WLC...

Lana, Grade 12

Lina is an absolutely incredible instructor...

Lior, Grade 11


March 7, 2018

We're open during March Break!

We offer March Break classes for all grades and levels.

  • Help in Mathematics, Sciences, and English. We'll help you catch up with your school work and give you a head start into the remainder of the year.
  • New: Computer Club, which includes computer literacy and introductory programming. For younger children, with offer Scratch programming language. In more advanced groups, we teach Python, Java and C++. Our instructor can also teach you how to develop Androids App, including App Inventor.
  • New: Digital Music production (with FL Studio) - write your own music electronically!
  • Fun activities: chess and checkers.

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